Tat Wong Kung fu Academy is excited to bring our style of traditional Chinese Kung Fu to the Phoenix Valley.

For more than 35 years Tat Wong Kung Fu  Academy has played an important role in the lives of thousands of students who have benefitted from a training that is built on an underlying training and teaching philosophy based on the four virtues that embody the essence of the true martial artist:
Moral integrity   Kindness   Wisdom   Bravery,
Here at Tat Wong Kung Fu Arizona, development of mind, body and spirit is formost and its where life changing journeys often begin with that

single step!


Beautiful Landscape

Whether you're 3, 30, or 70 years young, Kung Fu isn't just a fantastic way to have fun, improve your health and learn self-defence, but has the power through hard work, learned discipline, increased confidence and skill building to change lives!

it's never too early or to late to begin your journey and here at Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy we're so excited to share that journey with you

Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy offers programs for every age group


480 899 3311  |

2160 N Alma School Rd Chandler Arizona 85224


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